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Akram Khan über die Entstehung von Vertical Road

AKRAM KHAN COMPANY // Vertical Road // 20.+21.05.11/ 20.30 Uhr

Zur Einstimmung auf die Auftritte der Akram Khan Company am kommenden Freitag und Samstag gibt es hierein Interview, in dem der Meister persönlich die Hintergründe von Vertical Road erläuert.

"Vertical Road sprung from a strange encounter I had with a taxi-driver in Australia two years ago," he told me. "I was exhausted and feeling down after a performance at the Sydney Opera House and decided to take a taxi back to my hotel, a thing I never do. When one drew up, I was elbowed aside by a rude couple who jumped in and then poked their heads out of the window to ask me whether I was Akram Khan. I replied, 'Maybe.' Then they asked whether I’d just danced at the Opera. I replied, 'Maybe.' 'Well, thanks so much,' they enthused, 'it was great.' And off they went without another glance! Assholes.

Ten minutes later, I got into another taxi and felt like hearing my father’s voice so I telephoned him, something I never do on tour although we’re close. As I hung up after a casual chat, in Bengali, the language we use at home, the taxi stopped and the driver asked, astonishingly in Bengali, whether my father was from Algichar, a small village in Bangladesh. Only 200 people in the world could know that and 195 of them live there, the other four being my parents, my sister and me, leaving the only one other person — a taxi driver at midnight at the other side of the world.

I began to feel paranoid and asked him how he knew.

He began to cry, telling me his name was Jilu, that he’d been my father’s closest friend and had been looking for him for years. After my father had emigrated to London and he’d left to make his life in Sydney, they’d lost track of each other. So I rang my father back and handed him the phone."

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